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Velopresso – front view


The Velopresso coffee trike is designed to perform beautifully with minimal maintenance, engineered to last and be simple to repair. Bolted to the brushed stainless steel worktop and at the heart of the machine, is the unique pedal-powered GR1-Velo grinder and FCL1-Velo gas-fired lever espresso machine. Wrap-around fabric panels enclose the tough steel front frame and provide 3 square meters for full-colour digitally printing branding/artwork. High quality bicycle parts are used throughout, while all our unique componentry is precision engineered in England. Every Velopresso is built to order by hand in our east London factory, from the TIG welding of the steel frames to the final assembly and testing. The Velopresso is made to a very high standard and proud to bear the Made in Britain marque.
  1. Espresso machine: FCL1-Velo, gas-fired, commercial spring-lever machine
  2. Grinder: GR1-Velo, pedal-grinder, with conical Ø71mm burrs, no electricity required
  3. Umbrella*: canopy 2.4m / 8’, waterproof, fire retardant B1, colour options and custom digital print option; fibreglass frame, aluminium pole *optional extra
  4. Wheels: heavy duty Halo SAS DH pro wheels, 24” rims, 48 spoke, custom for Velopresso, Ø20mm stainless steel axles
  5. Branding panels: 3 square metres for company branding / artwork, digitally printed, full-colour, weatherproof PVC panels, bolt-on
  6. Bumper: stainless steel (304) bumper, bolt-on
  7. Marque: stainless steel Velopresso marque, bolt-on, secures front panel

Velopresso – rear view


The steel frame is designed to meet the structural, spatial and ergonomic requirements necessary to locate and transport the combined weight of the cyclist, machine and on-board supplies, and allow from-the-saddle operation of the coffee machinery. The rear ‘bicycle’ frame uses the renown Reynolds 631 tubing for strength and lightness. Rear-wheel steering allows the trike to turn on the spot. The handlebar unit is stainless steel and is completely removed in seconds for coffee-making mode and stored out of the way. Two gear levers operate the 3-speed hub gear and the clutch, which switches transmission from ‘drive mode’ to ‘coffee mode’ directly driving the grinder and rotary pump. Two sets of 3 key-lockable aluminium drawers, each side of the rider, provide main storage. The use of Gates Carbon Drive belts keeps the exposed transmission low-maintenance, grease-free and near silent. Magura hydraulic disc-brakes provide positive stopping power.

  1. Frame: Reynolds 631 plain gauge steel alloy tubing, box section ERW steel, powder-coated black (RAL 9005), colours available as an optional extra – see below
  2. Saddle: Brooks B33 sprung leather delivery saddle – for optimum comfort
  3. Steering: stainless steel (304) handlebar unit and steerer-rod, aluminium tiller / steerer clamp
  4. Drive belt: Gates Carbon-Drive™ CenterTrack™ drive belts for grinder and crank transmission
  5. Tyres: Schwalbe ‘Crazy Bob’ super-strong reinforced cruiser tyres give cushioned ride
  6. Disc brakes: Magura ‘Big Twin’ hydraulic (front), mechanical (rear), parking brake lever
  7. Drawers: aluminium, key-lockable; 4 × large, receive coolbox inserts; 2 × small
  8. Boom bottom bracket: stainless steel boom for rider height adjustment

FCL1-Velo espresso machine


The FCL1-Velo is a gas-fired commercial lever espresso machine designed specifically for the Velopresso in collaboration with its award-winning manufacturers Fracino. The lever group is the finest made for commercial use. The 7-litre copper boiler is heated by a powerful but silent burner running on LPG propane or butane from an on-board cylinder. A pedal-driven rotary pump synced to the grinder refills the boiler as water is used. A stainless steel hot water outlet, steam tube and ‘rattle-free’ silicon drip tray with stainless steel grille complete the machine. With no electrical equipment to fail and superb build quality, the FCL1-Velo is one of the most robust, simple and reliable espresso machines made today… and it makes beautiful espresso with rich crema!

Safety features: including thermocouple flame-failure safety device and boiler pressure-release valve.
Certification: EC declaration of conformity. Boiler safety test certificate. CE marked. Made in England.

  1. Commercial (58mm) spring-lever group: 7kg forged brass group, polished chrome
  2. Boiler: 7L copper boiler with powerful 1.8kW rated LPG gas burner (not illustrated)
  3. Chassis: strong steel chassis, powder-coated black* (RAL 9005), colours available as optional – see below
  4. Stainless steel cover: vented with stencil type Velopresso logo on rear
  5. Boiler pressure gauge: with enamelled Velopresso logo
  6. Steam tube: 2 or 4 hole steam nozzles (stainless steel), push-to-lock-on / flick operation
  7. Gas controls: on/off setting, push-and-turn safety, pilot and piezo-ignition controls
  8. Drip tray: stainless wire grille in silicon ‘rattle-free’ tray, plumbed-in waste connection
  9. Water inlet valve: lock-in-position lever valve
  10. Hot water valve: stainless steel tube, anti-splash nozzle, push-to-lock-on / flick operation

GR1-Velo grinder


The GR1-Velo is the first pedal-driven commercial coffee grinder in the world. Precision engineered to last a lifetime* in stainless steel, and hard-anodised aluminium, the grinder uses large conical burrs, has stepless grind adjustment, volumetric pre-dosing of beans and very low grind retention. The grinder is directly pedal-driven, so there is no electricity required and therefore no motor noise or electrical failure. With easy pedalling at 100rpm the burrs rotate at 300rpm, grinding a double shot in under 8 seconds with no overheating of the beans. Magnetic grind funnel and bolted assembly allows for easy dismantling for cleaning, burr changes or part replacement. GR1-Velo: rapid, fresh and cool on-demand grinding by pedal-power.

*burrs need replacing periodically according to use

  1. Gearbox: stainless steel shafts, hardened gears, silent, sealed unit with foodsafe grease
  2. Drive sprocket: Gates Carbon-Drive™ CenterTrack™ sprocket, 9-spline mount
  3. Burrs: conical Ø71mm burrs – ‘Mazzer Robur’ type, typical rpm range 250 – 350
  4. Grind funnel: magnetic stainless steel for easy access to clean burrs, guides grinds direct from burrs to portafilter
  5. Portafilter support fork: height adjustable with handle rest, stainless steel
  6. Grind adjustment collar: stainless steel, precision stepless grind adjustment
  7. Doser: volumetric rotary bean doser, can be set to nominal 9g, 8g or 7g single dose with reducer sleeves. Rotate twice for double shot
  8. Hopper: 0.8kg hopper – model Compak K3, mount compatible with all K-series hoppers

Utilities — gas, water, waste, etc.


Velopresso’s utilities are quick to install and remove. The fresh-water tank has a quick-release stop valve that connects it to the rotary pump (pedal-driven), which pushes the water either direct to the on-board pitcher rinser or to the espresso machine via the filter. Liquid waste from the espresso drip tray and pitcher rinser sink is collected in the waste tank. Waste coffee pucks are collected in a tank via the knock bar, stainless steel funnel and ducting. An optional waste bin for customer use can be stacked along with up to 4 Rotostacka stools and carried inside the trike. Six robust aluminium drawers with key-operated central locking provide storage for beans, tools, cups, and up to 24 litres of milk in insulated coolbox inserts, cooled by freezer blocks. Bolt-on Jack stands can be used in coffee-mode to ensure level surface and total stability, or for puncture repair.

  1. Fresh water tank: blue 20L Scepter MWC and QR hoses, all approved for potable water use
  2. Knock-box tank: black 10L Scepter MWC
  3. Filter: Brita Purity Quell ST C300, Brita Purity C 30% head
  4. Jack support stands: bolt-on, for puncture repair or in coffee-mode for total stability or levelling on uneven ground, stainless steel (304)
  5. Waste liquid tank: black 20L Scepter MWC
  6. Rotostacka waste bin*: recyclable polyethylene with stainless steel lid *optional extra
  7. Gas cylinder: the espresso machine runs on LPG gas, propane or butane (cylinder not supplied)
  8. Pitcher rinser sink: pedal-driven pressure rinser for milk jugs, stainless steel sink, plumbed in
  9. Knock-out: knock bar, stainless steel funnel

Colour options — tricycle frame & espresso machine chassis

The tricycle’s steel frame and the espresso machine chassis, have an anti-corrosion pre-treatment and are then finished in a tough black (RAL 9005) automotive / architectural quality polyester powder-coat paint as standard. As an option, for an additional cost, you can have either or both finished in a colour of your choice from the 14 RAL colours shown here. If you require a specific colour not in this range, then this is also possible but bespoke charges apply. For this option please select the ‘bespoke’ colour option on the order form and supply your colour reference.

Note: this colour chart is an approximate visual guide only, and only the RAL numbers should be used as a definitive reference


Colour options — umbrella canopy

The umbrella is an optional extra. Our umbrellas are very hiqh quality and built to last. They are made in England to order by a specialist company who supplies the utility sector – railway companies, London Underground, energy companies, etc. The pole is aluminium and the frame is fibreglass, while the 2.4m (8’) canopy in tough PU-coated polyester weave is both waterproof and flame retardant to B1 standard and comes in the 17 plain colour options shown here. Heatpress logos can be added. There is also a custom-canopy option of a full digital print from your artwork, which gives the option of creating a canopy design to complement the branding panels.

Note: this colour chart for the umbrella canopy plain colour choices is an approximate visual guide only, email us at hello@velopresso.cc for further information


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