Can I put other machinery on the trike?

No. Velopresso is a unique and fully integrated espresso coffee based solution, using unique machinery specially designed for it. Due to the specialist nature of the operation — in particular the pedal-powered grinder, the mobility and the ergonomics required to operate a grinder and lever machine whilst seated on the bike saddle — total bespoke solutions were required. If there had been machines on the market that could do these jobs as well as we feel the Velopresso specific machinery can, then we would have used them!  For example the FCL1-Velo espresso machine is a design developed with Fracino – the UK manufacturer – from their standard FCL1 machines, but made far more compact in the process, as well as incorporating other key features such as the stainless steel bolt-through feet that enable the machine to be fixed securely to the trike – it is also the most compact commercial machine available.

If you are interested in using the Velopresso tricycle for something other than espresso coffee then that really is a different situation and we can explore that option with you.