How long does it take to make a coffee?

The short answer is the same as it does for any other single barista operating a single-group lever machine… but then it comes down to how good is the barista? Do you mean an espresso or latte, a double or two singles? These elements all affect the “speed” of course. But lets look at this a bit closer starting with grinding – please first watch the ‘Making Coffee on a Velopresso’ video on the ABOUT page, to get a good idea, as although it is edited the grinding sequence is in real time: dosing and grinding a double shot takes a total of about 10 seconds, then there’s tamping, loading the portafilter in the group and pulling the shot. The pull itself – including the pre-infusion pause of around 6 seconds with the lever down – is of course a standardised timing of around 25-30 seconds depending on your preferences, so for that first double espresso, or two singles, it would take around 45 seconds. If you include steaming and pouring milk, taking payment from the customer, etc., this might go up to 60-90 seconds, but ultimately this would depend on the skill of the barista.  With sufficient skill the barista can multi-task so that the drink cycles overlap, and the Velopresso operation can achieve  40–50 drinks per hour, i.e. an average of 1.1 to 1.5mins per drink, allowing for serving, steaming and pouring milk, taking change, etc. (see our video ‘Time Trial # 2’ for a demonstration).  Do not confuse this with statistics found on other manufacturer’s sites which tend to quote a figure based on the maximum number of single espressos the machine can make in an hour with respect to the shot pull and recovery time of the machine only. We have done our own ‘espresso’ test of this kind (see our video ‘Time Trial #1’) and the Velopresso output is 100-120 shots per hour. With Velopresso the emphasis is on quality – of the whole experience but particularly the freshness of the grind – and while a single group can’t compete with a 2 or 3 group cafe setup and multiple baristas for pure “speed” alone, the quality of the drink and the experience is unique! Please see the ABOUT and SPECIFICATION pages, and Order Guide for more information.