Is there somewhere to wash hands on the trike?

Being able to wash your hands during the working day is highly desirable and in fact most health & safety authorities around the world will require any mobile catering operation without access to a nearby sink/tap with running hot water, to have a facility on board, so the operator/barista to be able to wash their hands as required.

The only facility built into the Velopresso for running hot water on the trike is the hot water outlet on the espresso machine, but that water is obviously very hot indeed as it is for hot drinks. This supply can be useful for adding hot water to a bowl – with care to avoid scalding – for cleaning a portafilter or the general cleaning up at the end of the session, but it is not suitable for use as a supply for for handwashing as is obviously far too hot for that purpose, and cooling down in a bowl and using it that way would not fulfill the H&S requirement for the supply to be ‘running water’. So, we have another solution which is a product manufactured for exactly this situation:

The Tealwash Handeman HMP portable hand wash unit, is a portable sink with an insulated water store.  At the start of each day/work session you add hot water to the insulated storage tank in the unit  (we would recommend you do this from a mains hot water tap, not the espresso machine). When you want to use the hand wash unit you fold out the sink basin and turn on the tap and wash your hands using soap as required, rinse and turn off. It provides enough hot water for ten 12-second hand-wash cycles. The water is kept warm by the double wall insulation, like a ‘Thermos’ flask.

There is a space in the front of the Velopresso trike for locating the Handeman HMP, and it can be strapped down so it doesn’t move when riding. It can be used quickly and efficiently in this position by simply opening the front panel (velcro holds it in place at the sides, bolts at centre only) opening the folding basin, and turning on the tap.

This well-made robust product can be bought directly from the UK supplier or from us as an optional extra – see price list (on ORDER page).  These units are used widely in mobile catering trade, and are approved for this purpose in the UK, and endorsed by the mobile catering trade association here called NCASS. They are also used by nursery schools, gardeners, etc., anywhere without access to a mains hot water supply, and highly recommended.  There is also a model available that has a 12v electric element and thermostat to maintain a temperature. Although these electric units are intended for us in motor vehicles it is technically feasible to run them of a suitable modern lightweight and compact LIPO battery and so is another option for use on a Velopresso if required.