What about lighting?

Velopresso does not have any built-in lights as standard, but we offer our Rear Clamp Light and Lezyne Femto front lights as accessory options – see Specification (p.7) and Price List.

The Rear Clamp Light (in black or silver, anodised aluminium), is a unique part we developed for the Velopresso that replaces the twin-bolt clamp at the top of the rear (steering) forks, elegantly covering the headset and neatly housing a rear (red) Lezyne Femto LED light at the same time.

Matching Lezyne Femto front lights can also be supplied and are easy to attach to each of the front facing hand rails on the Velopresso, giving a ‘twin headlight’ appearance and signalling the width of the trike.

As with all ‘bicycles’ on the road visibility is very important, and bicycle lights should be added by the user to meet your local road safety and legal requirements. It is also recommended that high visibility clothing should always be used when riding, day or night.