Velopresso goes electric

Velopresso was conceived as a go anywhere machine with the most compact, simplest and robust machinery, and our bespoke espresso machine, the FCL1-Velo – manufactured for us to our design by Fracino of Birmingham – has until now been run on gas only, in line with that approach. But over the years we have discovered that there are some locations that will not permit the use of gas, and we had been frustrated by this at times. Brandmeester’s wanted to showcase their Velopresso at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival in March and the venue wouldn’t permit a gas machine, so this gave us a deadline. As the machine is a sister machine of the Fracino FCL1 which is ‘dual fuel’ anyway (running on electric or gas) it was a simple procedure for Fracino to re-introduce the electric element to the FCL1-Velo. Our own machines and the Brandmeester’s Velopresso will soon be operating on either gas or electric. The electric option will soon be available as an option on new trikes and as a retrofit option for existing Velopresso owners.* Please email us for more details.

*the electric heating kit to give dual fuel (gas/electric) option is available in UK, EU, AUS, NZ and additional countries world-wide. Please enquire.

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