Velopresso Ltd has moved

We made the decision to relocate earlier this year and have now completed our move, making a strategic split between our day-to-day office and our production base in the process. Over a three year period the Leyton factory unit had enabled us to develop and launch production and create the tools to do it, including our frame-jigs built in-house; get 30 Mk2 / Mk3 Velopresso frame-sets manufactured and 21 trikes out the door to customers in 12 different countries worldwide. It also doubled up as the design office and showroom, and we received visitors from all over the world in that space. It’s part of our history and will be missed. Space-hungry production has now moved out of London to Kent, where it’s business as usual. Meanwhile the new office is in a creative business centre in Walthamstow Central, London E17, which puts us much more centrally located in terms of dynamic local businesses, and with the London Underground just a few metres away we are much easier to find too! We have one or two Velopressos with us for demonstrations and hires, and a great café / bakery – Today Bread – on our doorstep. Come visit!

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