Velopresso reaches new heights (9000ft !)

Purely by chance we got two orders from two different businesses in Colorado at the same time! Full Turn Coffee is a Velopresso-based startup set up by James Swafford in Colorado Springs, while Red Buffalo Café run by Erin Young is an established community café a few hours up the road in Silverthorne who were looking to expand their reach by going mobile. When we say ‘up’ we mean up! … as Silverthorne has an altitude of 2750m (9000ft) meaning water boils below 90 degrees celcius which requires very particular brewing techniques. We put James and Erin in touch, and not only did they have an instant Velopresso community in the state, but they were able to save some money by coordinating the shipping. These two trikes were a real pleasure to build, great colours and really distinctive branding designs. We look forward to seeing them in action in some mountainous locations.

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