Nutpods x Velopresso arrives in Seattle

‘Start with a great product. You just can’t fake that.’ Says Nutpods founder and CEO Madeline Haydon, and we couldn’t agree more! Based in Bellevue – adjacent to the North West coffee mecca that is Seattle – the Nutpods company produce great-tasting and environmentally-friendly nut-based dairy-free alternatives for milk and related products. The team at Nutpods first encountered the Velopresso when they began hiring Florida-based Edilson Cremonese and his Coffeehub Velopresso to help promote their plant-based creamers for use in coffee at various events in 2017. Impressed with the impact they were having with the trike, but struggling with the logistical challenge of being on the opposite side of the country to Coffeehub, the inevitable next step was to invest in their own coffee trike. We were thrilled to build them a real beauty and ship it out to them in record time. There is a strong correspondence between Velopresso’s goals and those of Nutpods and it’s a pleasure to see the distinctive Nutpods branding so seamlessly presented on their Velopresso.

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