Velopresso is a hit in the Lone Star state

This very cool new Velopresso has just been delivered to its owner Stuart Reed of Fort Worth, Texas. For Stuart the Velopresso embodies so much of what he stands for: ‘This is the only thing in the world that combines my three biggest passions: making coffee, riding my bike and sustainability. And here we are!’ These are not words said lightly as Stuart has 10 years of pro-barista work behind him and a college degree in environmental studies. Stuart, although an independent operator, got the backing of artisan cafe and micro-batch coffee roasters Buon Giorno to become their defacto mobile coffee operation. This made a lot of sense in that Stuart had not only trained and worked for years at Buon Giorno so the bond was strong, but he would also be using their beans. Buon Giorno Coffee are Italian style coffee purists, using Londinium’s excellent commercial lever machines in their café, which use the same lever groups as on the Velopresso. This meant even greater continuity would be possible between the coffee extracted at the cafe and out on location with the trike. Having spent many years as the Buon Giorno head barista, Stuart was exceptionally well-versed with the use and capabilities of a lever coffee machine, but even he has been impressed with the output of his Velopresso, reporting back ‘… delicious espresso with the craziest amount of crema I’ve ever seen!’ His business has made a terrific start, including a very popular hook up with the Forth Worth branch of Mellow Johnny’s bike shop for their group rides and events, serving coffee to the cities’ pro-cycling mayor, and appearing in the local news.

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